Sunday, September 11, 2016

I'm on Patreon!

Well, after having thought about it for a while and trying to come up with a way I can make it work... I'm officially on Patreon.

What IS Patreon you ask? Good thing they made this handy video, it's about to come in handy.

So now you know. But what am I offering YOU in return? 

Instead of the "Here it is, what do ya think?" presentation I do once paintings are completed, I want you to join me DURING the creation! 

Through Patreon's subscriber-only posts, I will be sharing my ENTIRE process with you  - step by step - as I complete each image! (A process which one of my artist friends referred to as "EXTENSIVE".) AND - you can ask me direct questions about the process. I will answer everything - right down to where the lead is harvested in the pencils I use! 

I have some rewards in place for you on the right hand side that I not only think you'll enjoy, but will allow me to get to know you too! Know that whatever amount* you choose to pledge will directly assist me with more time in the studio creating art that you love.

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