Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Work Doodles!

Here is a collection of drawings I did at the studio during the past 5 1/2 months when I should have been working (don't tell the boss!).

Remember kids: watch 'Johnny Test' EVERY Saturday and Sunday on Teletoon! (Check your local listings.)

This sketch is of two characters of my own I've been working on for a couple months (more to come soon). Elaborately drawn one day when our server crashed.

(I'm not so sure about this licking the floor pose. Afterall, it is supposted to be a kid's show...)


B Roy said...

Yes! I'm the first one to comment on this great post. There's a lot of commitment in your new work. I feel that your characters are acters giving me a preformance.

Have a great holiday :)

B Roy said...


Tiehlor said...
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Tiehlor said...

I can't believe Brian corrected his own spelling...I knew the book store would get to him.


ya dude!
Your characters are much more solid.
I see a huge improvement in continuity alone.

Well done sir.

Ryan Cole said...

Good to see some new stuff, pal. Hurr, should probably update mine next chance...

Wicked work, as usual! And I disagree with the floor licking drawing. Hell, you can push that and make it look even more creepy. Really scrape his tongue across the floor. After all, there's nothing bad about that, unless the viewers' got a dirty mind. There's no questionable content like implied questionable content!

Tony Mitchell said...

nice work man...nice solid stuff.