Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reservoir DOGS

Just for fun, I thought I would re-design the four main characters from the film 'Reservoir Dogs'. There was two things I wanted to achieve with this project and the first was: I didn't want to take four random dogs and dress them up in suits. Since these characters are based on real actors, the designs should resemble them. Secondly, (but more importantly) I wanted to create appealing designs.

Below are some of the roughs.

This was actually the first sheet I did. Just trying to figure out ways to contrast each character in thier most basic shapes. Note the differences in height, waist, shoulders and various head shapes. I also was looking though dog books at this time and figured out what breed of dogs each character should be.


Ryan Cole said...

Jono, I know I shouldn't be surprised about this anymore, but it is amazing, nay spectacular, the lengths you'll over a terrible, terrible pun.

Tryke said...

I cannot stop laughing at Steve Buscemi, that was the single greatest choice ever...

Sam Pipes said...


As amazed as I am at the detail and forethought that went into these designs, Jono, what amazes me the most is that I'm still surprised by the puns. The terrible, terrible, neverending puns. They haunt my dreams, Jono.

Tony Mitchell said...

sorry it toke me so long to post a comment..but i think the illustration is very cool ...nice choice of dogs for each character.i really like the body shapes of the second character.

one thing that i would differently would be to give a texture in the bg,like maybe the dvd case or like you see on cd covers.

over all nice work man!!