Sunday, March 09, 2008

Horney Hornet pencil test

Prior to my gradation, I recorded some extra dialouge and one-liners to later animate to. The voice recording I did (not my real voice) is taken from one of those recordings. The line of dialouge comes from a guy I overheard last year talking to his friend at the train station - and he was dead serious!

Below is some of the development of the character 'Horney Hornet'. I'm forever finding new and better ways to draw my characters and they seem to turn out different everytime I sit down to draw. If I animate this character again, there will be some more changes made.

Scroll down to see the pencil test.

A special drawing given to me by Animator Jacques Muller of his interpretation of the character.

This page is one of the earliest ones I found, drawn way back in June.


Lee said...

word up brutha

that pencil test is lookin good.
you gonna throw up a finished version?!

i'll check back for it soon!

that doodle you dig on my blog:
it's 98% flash clean up
and a few little tweaks in photoshop.

hope that helps!


Matthew McKinnon-Gray said...

Wow, nice! Smooth and fluid! Good stuff Jono.

B Roy said...

The audio on that is great!

just right...the acting is very "balivable"

Can't wait to see whats next!


B Roy said...


its just not me if theres no grammer mistake


Ryan Cole said...

'Grammar' ^_^

If there's anyone we can count on to go back to the real traditional stuff, it's you Jono. Nice work man. My favorite part comes around when he says "goin'".

Jono Doiron said...

Thanks everyone!

Justinian: I'm not really interested in uploading a cleaned up version right now, as there are still some changes I would like to make to the animation first.

Tony Mitchell said...

hey jono!!
i always appreciated your work because i always knew how much thought you put into your stuff,and it shows ...great work man keep pushing it.

p.maestro said...

hey i've been missing life drawing... have you been going?

where are you tuesdays?

R.A. MacNeil said...

Nice work man. It's cool that you are still doing paper animation.