Friday, April 10, 2009

"What the cluck was I thinking?"

I thnk implied swearing is funnier then actual swearing.
'Chicken Finger'
Acrylic on Wood Panel Canvas
20" x 24"
Next Upstairs Apartment Gallery show will be held on Saturday April 18th. Unlike the other times, it will be held in a different venue: 'The Rock Garden' on 2304 Hunter St. Halifax. Not only will there be Art for sale by 15 talented local artists, but we also have 5 great local bands scheduled to rock out to!
Show starts at 7:00 and admission is by donation. See you there!


Joseph C. said...

"Buck You", "Pluck You", There's a million possibilities. :P

Benjamin said...

I'd hate to have a taste of his chicken nuggets XD

Ryan Cole said...

Implied swearing through chicken puns? Jono, I must ask of you: What the flock were you thinking?

Laura Blackbeard said...

Oh lawds the puns are destroying meeee :P