Saturday, June 08, 2013


Thanks to the people who came out to the 'les écrivains de demain' (the writers of tomorrow) group show with Illustration Quebec Thursday night! As mentioned the work will be on view till July 25th. Below is the illustration I did (12"x12" acrylic on wood panel) to compliment the story 'EHCRA' by 15 year old writer, Vincent Vaslin. The story is about a misunderstood alien abduction.

There is also a book, les écrivains de demain 2013 (the fouth edition) that collects all the illustrations and stories from the project together. In a later post, I will provide info for anyone interested in picking up a copy, but do note: the text is entirely in French. The painting I did is also for sale (and even framed), contact me if you're interested.

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