Saturday, February 08, 2014

Feature on Wondereur!

THANK YOU Wondereur and Andy Nulman ( for the excellent featured interview! Wondereur is an award-winning online publication that combines photojournalism with the experience of buying art.  

You can experience the interview here:
(Scroll down and click on one of the images for sale, then click on the 'Enter Story' for the rest of the experience.)

You can learn more about Wondereur here:

You can download the app FOR FREE on your mobile device here:

This photo (and all photos from the shoot) was taken by photographer Dario Ayala. You can see more of Dario's captivating work at:

“It is beautiful! From the intuitiveness, artist bios, photos and art work, I felt immediately connected to the artists in a personal way - getting to know their quirks, deep dreams and desires for self expression. I felt I had been let into a personal space that few are allowed. Very cool. Very thoughtful.”

— Wondereur user from Australia

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