Thursday, July 17, 2014

THAT LAUGH! - tonal studies

Been juggling a few things at the moment. Here is more progress of the #painting 'THAT LAUGH!'. I'm doing a detailed pencil study of the image first this time. Some of my favorite artists work this way and I had wanted to do one for a while. (The last time I've done a tonal study in pencil, I was in College.)

Final tonal thumbnail selected to expand upon (digital).

You may notice I switched up the drawing of Screwy Squirrel (the character on the far left). Showed the image to a friend of mine who suggested all the characters should be laughing as the intent and title suggests - apposed to Screwy who (previously) was repeating a phrase. Thought that made sense, so I redrew him. (You can compare with previous images in the earlier posts below.)

Tonal study in pencil. (Still working on it.) The final drawing will be available for purchase on my online store once the painting is completed.

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