Friday, January 30, 2015


THANK YOU everyone who attended the opening last night! If you weren't able to make it, the exhibition runs until February 28th at Galerie Abyss.

My piece for the show is called 'TALES OF THE MUNDANE'. The painting is about a life of unseized potential and the dangerous lure of complaisance.

Visually, the piece is an obvious parody of the famous 'TALES FROM THE CRYPT' comic book header. Mundane is not a frightening word ...until you really think about it - mundane is a slow uneventful death. I like how the horror font contrasts the seemingly unrelated text. I had a lot of fun building the textures on the painting and making it look like an aged, frayed, moldy comic book that's been sitting in someone's damp cellar for 40 years. Those textures represent neglect and the inescapable passage of time.

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