Sunday, June 07, 2015

Painting with acrylics: the stay-wet palette method

Here's what you want to invest in if you're having difficulty with the speedy drying time of acrylic paints:

Pick up some stay-wet palette paper and companion sponge, then a stay-wet container (I like using a 13"x17" butcher tray with an impromptu lid. Locally, the art store HACHEM sells them). The wet sponge overlayed by the palette paper keeps everything moist. I just uncovered the tray from paints I put out about 3 weeks ago - still wet!

This is the palette (all the colors) I used to make my latest painting 'Gift of Folly'. All my painting have been created this way since one year ago. It's made a big difference!

Palette paper and sponge.

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