Thursday, October 22, 2015

'The Devil is in the Details'

Here is the final painting at last!

 'The Devil is in the Details'
 acrylic on wood panel 10"x12" 

The painting was inspired by the old adage that is also the title of the painting. (If you look closely, the pen the devil hands you to sign with is dripping blood. Always read the fine print...)

What am I saying, that ALL contracts are evil?? 

NO. Contracts are a useful and recommended draft of legal terms of a deal to protect BOTH parties. What I'm saying is (and the nature of the adage above) you want to read the details thoroughly

What else can you do to protect yourself? If there is something written in the contract that you don't understand, it's OK to ask for clarification. Don't sign anything unless you really do understand it and agree to the terms. You may also want to hire a lawyer to look over the contract with you, albeit, for a fee.

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