Tuesday, July 12, 2016

eyes of the artist - The first painting HAS BEEN REVEALED!

So cool! The first 'eyes of the artist' HAS BEEN REVEALED!!

The story:

This past weekend at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit, I launched a new series of paintings called 'eyes of the artist'. 4 paintings in the series total, each one named after one of the seasons (winter, spring, summer & fall). Each painting has NEVER been seen by anyone prior to sale other than myself. The collector opens the painting knowing they are receiving an exclusive look at something not previously shared with the world. (Or, they could choose to store the painting and never share it with the world - they get to choose the outcome.) I offer art enthusiasts a rebate if they choose to film their reactions when they open the painting. AND, if that's not enough - I also include an additional surprise included with each painting too... 

You can watch the reaction of the painting "Fall" (the true title of the painting is 'Tongue Twister') above. (the big reveal occurs at 2:05)

Here is an image of what the painting looks like:

'Tongue Twister'
acrylic on wood panel


The paintings were hit at TOAE and I ONLY HAVE ONE LEFT. If you want to join the party, you can claim it here.

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