Sunday, June 22, 2008

More layout thumbnails. Back by popular demand!

I bought some watercolor pencils about a week and a half ago. The sketch above is the first time I've used them since. Halfway through it, the light kept changing, my back hurt and I had to go to the bathroom. Yet, I still insisted on finishing the sketch. (I can be very stubborn sometimes.)


Mélanie Daigle said...

I love your marker sketches Jono! The one with the door reminds me of paintings my roomie was doing at our apartment in Florence, doorways with weird croppings and stuff. I'll send you a link if she decides to post them up somewheres!

Melissa said...

Hi Jono,
I am trying to get in touch with you regarding character design work. I work with Cookie Jar Entertainment. Please email me at your earliest convenience. Thanks!

Melissa Wolfe

Lauren Kate said...

Oo, nice work here - I love the colours, a very unique style you have :)

Bluma said...

Great work.

guylaine said...

Love the Blog!