Friday, August 01, 2008


This is a portrait of my pal, Joe, drawn in the Mike Mignola style.


Tony Mitchell said...

nice man!!
i did'nt know about this one.
you did a great job with that style.
nice sharp line ,nice and clean.
keep your side projects coming.

Jono Doiron said...

Thanks Tony! All the inking was hand done.

Ryan Cole said...

Very sweet dude, that's Mignola in a nutshell. I half expect the guy to suddenly say "Ah, Crap".

HAHA, get it? That's all Hellboy says! AH-HAHAHAHA.




Tim said...

Looks pretty sweet, Jono. I expect a full comic page by friday. If not, well, we're gonna have to let you go. Kiddin.

Seriously, make more.

Tryke said...

Nailed it.
More layout thumbs...pweeze.