Friday, January 09, 2009

'Family Portrait'

This painting is about how our digital identities are becoming far more prominent then ourselves. We continue ushering new ways to incorporate technology into our lives and have started to communicate more on a digital realm, opposed to actual interaction.

Or, maybe it’s just a frivolous painting of people with electronics for heads. You tell me.
Gouache on Illustration Board, 15” x 20”


Jeff Knott said...

Anytime a subjects' head is replaced with something else, will always work for me! Speaking of great work, I think you've got that covered--I especially like all the life-illustrations--the layouts are dynamite too!

Tim said...

I like this a lot, Jono! Seriously, its a great social commentary. This is the kind of stuff I did in Art Fundamentals a lot, lots of anti-consumerism paintings and whatnot. Lately I've lost that counterculturalist side.

J.a.C. said...

Very Nice Mr. Jono -- knowing you I would just assume it looked amusing with the computers for a head, but the commentary is well made.

Paton said...

Nice piece my friend. I like the color palette and layout. Very 50's. Well done.

Laura Blackbeard said...

either way an entertaining painting for sure :D

Anonymous said...

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