Friday, January 16, 2009

Some of my favourite Detectives

"Joe Friday"

"Eddie Valiant"

These aren't silkscreened prints, they are actually paintings. They were fun to do. I was looking at Jackson Pollock's paintings and really admire the splattered paint techniques he came up with. I thought it would be cool to do something like that, only in representational imagery. I guess these paintings kind of have an Andy Warhol feel to them too.
Acrylic on 8"x8" canvas (x2)

I had one canvas left over. I dropped it and it gave me the idea for this painting. ...It was a lot funnier at the time.
If you're in downtown Halifax the evening of January 23rd, swing by 'The Upstairs Appartment Gallery" at 2420 Agricola Street. All the above paintings will be for sale along with other work of mine and the work of other talented local artists. See you there!


Joseph C. said...

You need to hang the 'OUCH' one in your kitchen. And that an amazing job on the detectives, you should arrange them on your wall in kinda a stacked formation, like steps. It would look umm, as the say --- badass.

crylic said...

Nice man, these are super good.

Celia said...

Great stuff, Jono!