Sunday, November 15, 2015

Arnold Bocklin, Alexandre Cabanel and Jacek Malczewski

I've been planning some new paintings to complete for TheArtist Project in February 2016. Montreal's 'le Grande Bibliotheque et ArchivesNationales du Quebec' (the large library and national achieve of Quebec) is my favorite place in the city. (Half the first floor of this massive library is books related to art!)

 I like looking at art books before I fall asleep. (Sometimes it gives me weird dreams, but I'm OK with that.) 3 amazing artists I've introduced myself to from the eminent dead category are: Arnold Bocklin (Swiss, 1827-1901), Alexandre Cabanel (French, 1823-1889) and Jacek Malczewski (Polish, 1854-1929). I have a strong affinity to symbolist painters (Bocklin and Malczewski being two of them. Cabanel was more of an academic painter.)  

                                                                        Arnold Bocklin
                                                                             'The War'

Alexandre Cabanel
'The Death of Moses'


 Jacek Malczewski
'Eloe and Ellenai'

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