Saturday, November 07, 2015

CROYDS interview

CROYDS is an online gallery curated by my friend and art dealer, Mevin Runganaikaloo. I was happy to participate in this new video series he started of artists sharing their thoughts.

 To expand on viewing art online verses viewing art in person: I think one of the biggest distinctions is a sense of scale. When you can look at a photo of a painting or a work up to the size of a mural on your iPhone, you know it's not as impressive as actually standing in front of it. (There is a painting series I will release in the future that will address this...) The internet is introducing people to works they would have never otherwise discovered though and that's a great thing.

 I will also have the framed original drawing of the painting 'Cereal Siege' (accompanied by a THOUGHTS & PROGRESS booklet) available through the site at a temporary reduced price for only one month. (You can pick it up now and save $! Sale ends December 6th.)

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