Thursday, November 05, 2015

Small Wonders 4 - Pre-Sale!

My piece in Arch Enemy Arts Small Wonders 4 = SOLD!  

"But - the show hasn't even opened yet - how is that possible?" you ask.

Answer: Art Galleries have previews or, pre-sale views they send out to their clients prior to the official opening to give them priority selection. This is good business practice to increase sales and customer loyalty.

The good GREAT news: You CAN get on their preview list for advanced viewing and purchase! Contact them at: (I suggest using 'request for Small Wonders 4 preview' in the subject header) and they will send you an exclusive link. Many of the pieces have already sold.

The opening is tomorrow night! You are quite  welcome to attend and see all the works in person if you live in or are visiting Philadelphia! (Admission is free.)

You can find the fb event info here.

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