Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cereal Seige: revised color and tones

Learning lots from illustrator, Charles Vinh, ( in the Illustrative Painting course I'm taking at Syn Studio. Here's the revised rough color, tonal study and under painting of 'Cereal Siege' still in the works.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cereal Siege

I'm simultaneously working on 2 paintings right now. Just finished preparing the surface of the new one (my final project for the Illustrative Painting class at Syn Studio) with gesso and all done the planning. Almost ready to paint - my favorite part of the process. I included a sneak peek of the rough color study. The painting is called 'Cereal Siege'.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Feature on Wondereur!

THANK YOU Wondereur and Andy Nulman ( for the excellent featured interview! Wondereur is an award-winning online publication that combines photojournalism with the experience of buying art.  

You can experience the interview here:
(Scroll down and click on one of the images for sale, then click on the 'Enter Story' for the rest of the experience.)

You can learn more about Wondereur here:

You can download the app FOR FREE on your mobile device here:

This photo (and all photos from the shoot) was taken by photographer Dario Ayala. You can see more of Dario's captivating work at:

“It is beautiful! From the intuitiveness, artist bios, photos and art work, I felt immediately connected to the artists in a personal way - getting to know their quirks, deep dreams and desires for self expression. I felt I had been let into a personal space that few are allowed. Very cool. Very thoughtful.”

— Wondereur user from Australia

Sunday, February 02, 2014

'Care Bear' painting

Just passed a very busy January (in a good way). Shortly into the new year, I started work on a new painting involving a care bear. Some of the process below:

Reference sculpture I created and the final drawing.

Tonal and rough color study.

First block-in.