Friday, September 30, 2016

The Rainbow Salesman

I was thinking about all the opportunistic umbrella salesman who appear - seemingly out of nowhere - to dispense their inventory at the sight of rain. But what about the rainbows? You didn't think they got there by themselves, did you? Enter 'The Rainbow Co.' who deploy their salespeople to rain swept communities desiring post rain atmospheric aesthetics. LOOK at that smug smile, double bounce strut and go-get-em attitude! Where some people see rain drops, HE SEES dollar signs! Now get out there 'an sell!
'The Rainbow Salesman'
acrylic on wood panel
$ for sale

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Memory Thief - wood panel print pre-order

Back in August, I revealed a new painting I completed for Gallery Abyss' 12x12 group exhibition, that has touched the lives of many people. It's been humbling to hear from others how something I created has connected with them in such a strong emotional way. That has been a primordial goal with my art. 

That painting is called 'The Memory Thief'.

While the original painting did sell opening night in the exhibit, because I've had such a strong interest in the image, I wanted to find a way to offer it to people who truly identified with it. 

The company, prints on wood, transfers artwork, photos and imagery to wood panels. Some very in demand contemporary artists have printed with them in the past.

"Why a print on wood?"

-more durable
-no need to spend additional funds on framing
-the original is acrylic on wood panel, so you get a reproduction and product much closer to the original
-each print is transfered to a real piece of wood, so no two are exactly the same
-it's unique and different than canvas, giclee or poster prints

But it wasn't enough for me to just make the image available to you...

Due to the sensitive content in the painting, I wanted to support the cause too. That's why a portion of each order (10%) will be donated directly to the Alzheimer Society of Canada, the leading not-for-profit health organization working nationwide to improve the quality of life for Canadians affected with Alzheimer's disease.

You can order your print here. The amount listed includes shipping for both US and Canadian residents.

This limited edition wood panel print is only available until September 27th. After that - reproductions of this image will NEVER be available again!

Click here to order your print.

Keep creating memories,


Saturday, September 17, 2016

Till The End - gestures

I collected all kinds of photos of individuals walking with drapery and canes as reference for a painting I'm working on ('Till The End'). I looked at all the photos and did some quick gestures to figure out where the weight and major fabric folds are. It was a also a great warm up before I started the drawing the central character in the image. Each drawing above was completed in about 30 - 60 seconds. 

Monday, September 05, 2016

Goofy painting

A-huk! It's a GOOFY painting! Another painting study I did, this time of a small Goofy sculpture observing overcast lighting conditions (indoors). Note that there are minimal highlights and no deep shadows.   

Seriously, who doesn't love Goofy? I wouldn't trust the person who says they dislike Goofy. If I was conducting a job interview and it came up they didn't like Goofy, I would dismiss them and shred their resume. And since we've established all mentally balanced people love Goofy, the next logical step is for you to add this painting to yourGoofy-loving-shrine-goodness! (Did I mention FREE shipping on the painting studies to US and Canada? A-huk!)