Monday, July 27, 2015

Fleeting Focus - palette

My palette for the painting 'Fleeting Focus' all done now (for the 12"x12" show at Galerie Abyss, August 6). James Gurney in his book 'Color and Light' (which I recommend highly) discusses color strings: premixing separate values of the same color to save time. (Note the separate mixes of blues and pinks. The Gray in the corner is the subjective neutral color used for mixing.)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Galerie Abyss group show - August 6, 2015

My next group show is happening August 6th (two weeks from today) at Galerie Abyss! It is a 12"x12" show: each artist creates new work in the 12"x12" dimensions at a uniform price. This show is really catered to emerging collectors. If you've  been very interested in acquiring work by myself (or other talented artists in the show), this is an effective way to build a valuable collection.  
I am producing one new piece for the exhibition. Here are some studies for the drawing. 

Thursday, July 09, 2015

refrence sculptures - Gift of Folly

I was tidying up my studio and came across these sculptures I made while I was working on the painting 'Gift of Folly'. Making small sculptures to assist in the drawing process has become common practice for me now. 

The anvil was so I could draw anvils in multiple angles. 

The bulldog character is a reference to the antagonist from the Tex Avery directed cartoon Bad Luck Blackie* - ONE OF THE GREATEST cartoons ever made!

*Just to clarify the title, it is a not a racial cartoon. The title refers to the main character, a black cat, who defends a kitten by bringing bad luck to the bulldog character by crossing his path and causing objects - including an anvil - to fall on him from the sky.