Monday, December 05, 2016

Reward & Punishment

Take a quick moment and think about a work of art you've really enjoyed. (Got one? It can be a painting, a movie, a play, a song, or something else you can think of.)

Now that you can think of an example, there was a tremendous amount of work before it got to the version you experienced.

Indeed, every work of art you've ever enjoyed is a cumulative effort of thousands of decisions. 

Just like life.

Not a new concept, but it did inspire the idea for a new painting. Take a look:

So, if your life is made of your decisions, how do you make the ones that are in your best interest? 
Well, if you imagine there is two wolves at your side: one representing procrastination, the other representing productivity, and at all times you're feeding one... which one are you feeding?

The painting also has the 'carrot or the stick' alegory embedded into it. Are you motivated by gaining rewards or avoiding punishments? 

In my version, the wolves have been fused together because, although they might fight, only one decision will be made at a time.   

Parables and antonyms are reoccurring subject matter in my work. The painting above, titled 'Reward & Punishment' is just one of the new pieces I've been working on for The Artist Project 2017. I can't wait to show you other works available when you come to the event!

In the meantime, if you would like to check out originals that are for sale, you can see a selection here.

Stay creative,