Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Up Your Arson!

In celebration of Earth Day this past April 22, I made this painting as a satiric look at animals retaliating against human encroachment. 

"Burn down my home, 'an I'll burn down yours!" 
 Smokey, NO! 
And who's his accomplice? 

Woodsy the owl! YES, the "Give a hoot, don't pollute" owl! And what's he doing?? LITTERING! 

The level of disrespect for residential property in this painting is appalling. It's also jesting one of cinema's most painfully prolific cliches: tough guys walking away from explosions. (Yes, I know about the Lonely Island song on that topic, I've seen it - thank you.) 

As harsh as their retaliation may be, a lesson needs to be learned here, folks. It's like that famous Ghandi quote: "A burned down home for a burned down home makes the whole world a giant f#€%!&@ pile of ash." I think he said that when he took the stage at Woodstock. (If I remember correctly... ) 

Anyway... buy this painting or I'll burn down your home. 

'Up Your Arson!' 
Acrylic on masonite

10"x14" (14.5"x18.25" including frame)

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